Jun 12

Compassion for the Family/Vida Reavivida Inc. takes domestic violence against women very seriously. It is imperative that women and their children be offered safe refuge. We are committed to provide this service that is so badly needed in Puerto Vallarta. In order to provide this service, we are constructing a shelter in a discrete location in the greater Puerto Vallarta area. Non disclosure of the location is imperative in order to ensure that we provide a safe refuge. Compassion for the Family/Vida Reavivida Inc. does not actively seek out women that are victims of domestic violence nor does it remove women from the abusive environment or involve itself in domestic disturbances. Compassion for the Famil/Vida Reavivida Inc. does accept women and their children exclusively through Desarrollo integral de la Familia (social services).

Building Project

The building site for the shelter was purchased in 2010 and is owned by Vida Reavivida A.C., our Mexican not for profit organization. The shelter is approximately 30% completed and when finished will house up to 34 individuals.

Operating Costs

When construction is completed, the shelter ongoing support in the way of donations to help cover the costs of food, hygienic items, cleaning products, clothing, educational materials, maintenance, taxes, utilities and insurance.


Staffing of the shelter will consist of a male/female couple that will function as live in volunteer facilities managers, professional counselor(s) that will volunteer their services and additional volunteers to assist with basic education, English second language education and job specific education.

Take a moment to watch first hand accounts of the ministery in Puerto Vallarta


The following video will help to inform you of the problems facing women and children in the Puerto Vallarta area as well as what Compassion for the Family; Inc. is doing to minister to them. Please take a moment to watch the video by click play in the video screen. Thank you and we hope this will be a helpful tool in raising the awareness and helping to find solutions to the problems facing these women and children.

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Our Mission

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